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Katja made EPT final table in Warsaw
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Out of nowhere Dec 27, 2004 / 05:41 PM

...comes this post as I am back at my workplace in south-germany although nearly nobody is working here between the christmas days and new-year party on friday. Out of nowhere also came that super-dupper pot-limit holdem game yesterday where all our "live" ones were united. Ok, not really all of them but a table with 5 players giving you *much* action, one-super-rock, two good-solid players and two players overestimating their own possibilities it just has to be a good game and it was. The fact that I won a whole lot (Katja got no seat and was sweating me) makes this even more fun. Unfortunatly for us I had to leave early to get some sleep and my very-early morning train but anyway, it was good.

The fact that my new found poker enemy "Chappi" was sitting to my right and was getting burried made that even more fun for me. Chappi, I won what you lost, I promised to take your chips! Later Chappi offered me his hand (was I needling him maybe??) about our incidient and I took and shaked it so the thing is over for me now. Over - but not forgotten.

The game will be re-started today, Katja will go and try to win back a little also. It looks like this week will hold a lot of action for her... We even already planned a friday afternoon game! Friday will also be the "weighting day" as my opponent Frank and I are going to get our actual real weights (and a heart-attack on my part) and start our much-talked-about weightbet. The already running sidebets are favoring him (!) as he seems to have about 30kg more than me and we have an "absolute deal" meaning whoever looses more wins (not a percentage from source weight). Frank seems to be infected with all the buzz and offered me a double-up which I did not take yet. Not that I am scared but I believe I could get better conditions from him as he seems to have a motivation problem with that "cheap" bet of 2,500eur. I for my part are fully motivated and cant wait for the whole thing to start - as a tech junkie I even bought the newest heart-rate monitor with all thinkable features to monitor my progress. I made my goals and will post about them when the bet is running next week.

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We got fans! Dec 26, 2004 / 12:36 PM

Blogs are actually read! Wow what an experience. Over time anybody here in my hometown is getting the word that our site is up and reporting about the usual stuff happening here in our games so I get more and more feedback (like "I'am winning also!" and "You write about me?", no just kidding). Honestly we get a lot of nice words about the site. Thank you very much! It happened now two times over the last days that I played somewhere online and total strangers wished me luck! Just a few minutes before I played at party in a 100$ multi and was on the last 2 tables nursing a small stack when someone wished me good luck and after my inquiring answered "just a fan...gl". Whoever you are: best2you, you made my day, which was bad so far. Bad you ask? Why can a nice sunday with new x-mas presents be bad? Well, because of loosing and little blow-up!


We played yesterday in a little home game 30-60, Katja and I both playing, 8 to 9 players. I got a good start and some nice hands in a wild game when the following happened: On the river I hold a straight, two more players, Peymen (I call him "Payman" or "Chappi" for dog meat) and Shine. Shine acted first, betting out 4 chips for a 60eur bet with what I thought must be a overpair or top-pair. I raised with my rivered straight (gutshot, hallelujah), 8 chips. Chappi went all in with 1 chip. Shine folded, moaning. Hello and wohhhoo as I showed my straight and Chappi showed - a higher straight! Shine throwed me 3 chips of his bet, his part of the sidepot. Chappi dragged the big pot, including my 8 chips. The dealer, Frank my weightbet opponent, said something about 10 chips that I should get and started to shuffle for the next hand. After that sank into me I objected and said that I should get 7 chips from the sidepot. Oh the humanity as Iggy would say! All hell broke loose as he rejected to give the chips to me. Everybody tried to help me and explain the situation to him but no way, he still rejected. We are all more-or-less friends there that know each for years so I already decided to let it go (but marking him in my mind) when he threwed me 3 chips and said something about "not believeing me but for peace sake". I throwed the chips -with force- into his lap and said something not-so-really-nice to him. My friend Kai said he's going to quit now, obvisously very pissed about Chappis behavior. Chappi stood up and said "then I am going to quit here also", Kai's instant reaction was to sit down again and say "then I stay". Chappi stood there, confused and I had a hard time not break out in a big laugh (well, I was prepared to hit his nose in the next second). He called a cab but re-entered the room two minutes later, trying to arguee about the thing. I stayed silent when Shine explained it all to him again. He gave me the money value for the 7 chips and I took it (105 euros, I dont let these drop!) but I still have hard feelings for him and war is on, on my part. Chappi, beware, I'am going to take your chips!

Afterwards nothing went all right, Katja and I does'nt get any cards for hours and we left in the early morning loosing over 3,000eur.


Ivo Donev called me to talk about upcoming tournaments, he is going to Tunica also. He asked for advice about a contract with a backer which he got allowing him to play each and every big event in the next year! Ohhhhh I wish I could have one of those also... if you have deep money, like to read blogs and could stake us, don't hesitate, just do it ;-)


Talking about deep money, Daniel Negreanu did it again and won the WPT tournament at the Bellagio for a whopping 1,800,000$ first price. I had talked to him several times and had a email exchange with him about in-hand-last-longer-bets that I had "invented" here (pot-limit!) and I really like the way he writes. He even a has blog now about his live which I found very facinating. Well, him playing 4,000-8,000 might add to the magic, actually :-)

I will most likely not post again this year so I wish you all a very good new year. January 1st the now inescapable weightbet will start and life will change. All the best, take care.

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Tunica, a weightbet and bad beats Dec 15, 2004 / 07:54 AM

Reading all the news and looking at the nice photos at LasVegasVegas about the ongoing five-diamond tournament made me wish to be there even more than before. Reading Linda's posts does not help either and if you see how Matt got motivated by planning his "year ahead" by just playing one event you easy understand why. So I was browsing the tournament calender and my work/project calender over and over to find a spot when and where we could go. After some consideration I came out with tunica. I have never been there but read and heard so many good things about the tournament and accomodation. So with just two phone calls I got two tickets set up and a room with a limo service from the horseshoe there. They charge a mere 49$/night for the room only and I got tickets for 450eur each so getting there is really not expensive. Well, I loose more than the whole travel expense amount in some of the smaller pots I play (see below) so I figure it doesent matter anyway. We leave here on January 13th!


The last weekend was a desaster. Thrusday night we played live half/half pot limit stud/holdem and I really played well but lost 3 hands the whole night that got me down from +2,500eur to -2,000eur. My favorite one got like this: I play AJs, raise the pot before the flop in middle position, got two callers. Flop comes A92rainbow, I bet out, one player folds and the other calls. Turn brought a rag and I bet out again, about half the pot - and got raised. Huhh! Against most of the others I would have let the hand go fearing AQ or trips but this player was special - he had no clue about holdem and especially not about pot-limit, he is a regualar 7stud-limit player, so I called. Turn brought a T, I checked, he bet, I call all-in. He opens TT for rivered trips and I am like "thank you for playing with me, sir". When you loose three hands like that in a pot-limit game you can not expect to be ahead for the night which I wasn't, lol. In the online 30/60 games I got roasted also again, loosing over 3,000$ playing three tables. I made the money in 3 out of 5 109$ multi-tables but could not finish higher than 3rd again. In the party poker million I got out in place #345 when I could not not hold to call a EP raise all-in having the BB with 88 and lost to AQo. Katja criticised me for that play more than once and I'am still figuring it out (mostly trying to find excuses for being either a big underdog or in a coin-flip situation...).


In the same game thurday night Katja was playing and while she lost near to nothing she could have been the big winner when she managed to get 4 players all-in on fourth street holding rolled-up 7's for a about 6,000eur pot. In the end she had the worst hand because she did not improve while every other did - trip aces, a flush and most hurting, a rivered third jack against the player who had the most money therefore creating the biggest sidepot. But she took it well and played well also.


I am to heavy. The last month in our cold and dark winter here added even more weight to my already heavy-weight like body so I decided to some something against it. I found somebody with even more weight than I have and offered him a weightbet. After some consideration he took it. We are running against each from January 1st until April, 30. Whoever looses more gets 2,500eur from the other. I'll will keep track about my progress here in this blog from new year on. Stay tuned!

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Katja's turn Dec 06, 2004 / 06:34 PM

There was a small live tournament in our city this weekend. Two day event, 7-card-stud, 28 players, buyin 1,100 euro and 7 players in the money. Katja and I played both. Day one was easy, small limits, nothing special, average chip counts when we went for the cash game, 30/60 holdem. We both won a little when we finished the night. On day 2 we got late (Katja needed unusual long time for her dress-up and the traffic was heavy) about 20 minutes, where we got blinded of in about 10 hands, taking 15% out of my stack (forced bets) and 10% out of hers. I was so angry about that that I raised my very first hand with KT-3 all offsuit and everybody folded so I was back to my starting count in the first hand. Unfortunatly I decided to show of my bluff which started of a very wild game afterwards. That was what I wanted but I got so much action and failed to improve that it took only about 30 minutes to be eleminated in spot 25th. Wow, impressive. Katja had more patience and after a dry time she started to roll and came to the final table with the nearly chip lead. She played very agressive when they came to the final 3 players, where she got busted with spilt queens against pocket aces. She got good money for that spot!


I played cash game in the meantime, pot-limit half stud/holdem with a very good player setting and deep money everywhere. Katja joined me later to sweat me after "her" tournament was over (well, it was no longer "my" tournament...). Very late into the night she was half sleeping with her head on my shoulder when the following hand came up that got me so angry I had to quit the game (and THAT has never happended before). Here it comes. I had a decent sized stack, about 7,000 or so. To my left was a wild player that was down like 10,000 euro but had about 3,000 in front of him. It was holdem, I got dealt JJ in MP. I raised the pot and got called by him and one more player. Flop come K87 offsuit. I bet the pot, the guy to my left called and the third went all in with less than my bet was. Turn comes a 3, no fhush possibilities out there. I bet about 600, he calls again. I thought maybe he has the 8 with an ace (he loves to play any ace). River paired the 8. I checked and he went all-in without much hesitation. I went into the tank. It was only about a 1,000 to me and the pot had already about 3,000. I calculated and thought hard about the betting and his possible hands. I started to count the chips needed to call to get a view of my stack after I call to see how I stand when loosing. I just made my mind up to call his bet when Katja on my shoulder whispers "no, no". That totally throwed me off, I folded quickly remarking "I fold the best hand here" just to see him WIN (against the all-in player) with a ace-high stone could bluff. I got so upset about Katja's bad-timed remark and my own weakness to go with my initial decision that I just had to leave the game right there (still winning more than 4k). Katja, my love, I always like it when you watch and sweat me and will always do so forgive me my anger. You play as good as I do and HE could very well hold that K or 8 so it was not a total wrong decision. I was more angry about myself and my weakness (I could have played the hand better in minmum 3 ways) than about your comment. I know you only tried to help me to come to a decison (I must have thought about 45 seconds already). I love you!


Sunday I made the final table in 3 out of 5 $109 partypoker multi-table events, finishing 9th, 6th and 3rd, netting my about 2k (only, I want to win when I reach the final table!). Remarkable was only the one where I got 3rd: I had 24o in the big blind, the SB only called the 1000 BB. Flop came down A85 with two hearts. SB bets 2,000. Hmmm.... I hold over 40,000 in chips and while fearing a trap I thought I could win a nice pot in case a 3 for my low straight comes. I honestly put him on AA at that point. Turn was J or something, SB bets 2,000 again. I still went with my "read" and called, buuuummm the river brought the 3 of hearts, I chased and made my straight. SB bets 2,000 again. After some thinking about the possible flush out there (the only hand that could beat me) I raised all-in. Take that! I thought, figuring with AA he has to call. After about two seconds he did call to show she 67 of hearts for a flush. Oh well, my read was really fantastic... I got over 1,100 in that tournament.


SlanskySux contacted my by email about my description of the major suckout I did to him. He felt a little upset about how I wrote it down. He claims that he have not raised me on the river against the 3 open aces and that he did not wrote something into the chat. While we both could not find the hand in the history (we both seem to have to many in there, lol) I pretty sure he shouted his frustrations out there in the chatbox while I could be wrong about the river-raise. He also states that he is not a maniac. I apologize to him if I got something wrong or made the wrong impression about him in my story. Go, see party 30/60 tables and make yourself a picture. He's a regular there and that would be difficult for a maniac...


I think about conquering the stars 100/200 game. My friend Tango has so many money in there from his various tournament wins that I think about buying some of them to have a decent bankroll there, I figure 25,000 should get me started there. Stay tuned about my adventures there if I do!

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