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I can lose, too
Being owned
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Hassan wants revenge
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Schenefeld Open
Full stomach, big fun
Katja made EPT final table in Warsaw
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Hassan wants revenge Apr 08, 2007/03:47 PM

Yesterday I went to local Casino Schenefeld for the first in a few weeks again. Katja, my mother and I had a nice and extended dinner before and arrived in time to play the local tournament. The have modified the rules a little, giving now 2,500 chips instead of 1,500 and now 20 minute level time instead of the 15 before. Tis way it took over an hour to bust the first of the 19 players, not many playing because of the easter weekend I guess.

I made it to 7th place, not being able to play a single hand on the "final table". I was all-in in my BB and lost. I went to the cash game directly, 10/20 pot limit holdem. I had enough of folding and played like crazy, re-raising with hands like 75o, calling re-raises with 74s and the like. To make a long stoy short, I absolutly killed the table.

Hassan arrived to the table and when we talked a little he told me that he would like me arrange a "revenge session" with those young players to whom he obvious lost a large chunk during the recent tournament days. Those are namely Sebastian Ruthenberg, "Seri" and Patrick "patrikskjold". I remember that Hassan went "broke" there soon so he got to take a 10-minute break to pick up like 70,000 euros at home. Apparently the session went not good for him overall but he liked the action (many have played with 5,000+ tablestakes). So boys, if you want some more action contact me - Hassan will play. And given how I run lately I will probably also join the action :D

Seri und Patrick 

Talking about upcoming weeks I have nothing scheduled except office work so expect it to be kind of quite here. On May 31st this will change as we will head for the WSOP then, starting the action with the $5,000 mixed NL/FLH event (no clue how this works btw) the first day.

Category: Our poker life

Comments: i am just not sure if no one didnt recognize this. But actually seri's real name is not Sebastian Ruthenberg...

Posted by: (Apr 14, 2007 11:28:02 AM)
Nobody said this - read carefully. >> Those are namely Sebastian Ruthenberg, "Seri" and Patrick "patrikskjold". It's 3 of them ;)

Posted by: 50outs (Apr 14, 2007 2:16:32 PM)
wow, sounds nice, if all of them are willing to follow this challenge i would love to join them hassan is still up ~5k vs me - time for revenge

Posted by: ragen (Apr 16, 2007 4:03:03 PM)

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